Ref. No.- 2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000033541

Project Duration:  01.02.2022- 31.05.2024      (28 months)

European Certificates and Accreditation for European Projects

The project aims to enhance quality in adult education and helps to ensure that adult education providers are able to find high quality adult education results which can be used in practice and which  becomes base for excellent adult education projects.

The project consortium is going to develop a mechanism to monitor the effectiveness of adult education project via an accreditation system which is based on clear criteria and a solid accreditation procedure.

Coordinator: University of Paderbonn (Germany)
Partners:    Associação Rede de Universidades da Terceira Idade – Portugal
TIR Consulting Group j.d.o.o – Croatia
Ingenious Knowledge GmbH- Germany
Esquare- France
STANDO- Cyprus

Ref. No.- 2021-1-PL01-KA210-YOU-000031086

Project Duration:  01.02.2022- 30.09.2023     


The aim of the project is to support young people with fewer opportunities, in particular those who are at risk of discrimination based on their sexual orientation and worldview, and to overcome the barriers they face in society, through mutual learning, awareness raising, knowledge and skills development for youth workers and to raise awareness, knowledge and develop the skills of youth workers and potential employers of youth new to the labour market on LGBTQ+ issues and to develop common standards for communication and cooperation with LGBTQ+ youth, based on respect, empathy, dignity and tolerance.

Coordinator: Fundacja Cooperacja (Poland)
Partners:    TIR Consulting Group j.d.o.o – Croatia
Centre of Art, Culture and Social Empowerment Kallitechnio- Greece
Sdruzhenie Global Organizeyshan for Divelapment- Bulgaria

Ref. No.- 2021-2-IT01-KA210-VET-000048305

Project Duration: 01-05-2022 – 01-05-2024



Empowering the professional profile of people with migrant background


O1 > Support the job market inclusion of people with migrant background through the improvement of their professional profile in terms of sectoral language;

O2 > Adapt the training offer of VET providers and other stakeholders to the linguistic needs of people with migrant background.

Coordinator: EduLab Italy
TIR Consulting group j.d.o.o- Croatia
NGO Nest Berlin- Germany
Zbornica za razvoj podjetnikov  BIC – Slovenia

Ref. No.- 2021-2-IT01-KA210-VET-000048305

Project Duration: 01-05-2022 – 01-05-2024


HoReCa Zero Waste:
Enhancing the access to OERs and greening the curricula

The project aims to support the implementation of innovative teaching methods, through the digitalization of the learning offers for profession “Cook” and “Waiter” and developing new teaching and training modules for food waste prevention.

The transition to a circular economy is a major contribution to the EU’s efforts to boost competitiveness, economic growth and job creation. Such a transition represents an opportunity to transform our economy, build competitive advantage and create sustainable jobs.

Coordinator: Level H ltd Bulgaria


TIR Consulting group j.d.o.o- Croatia
Skills Zone Malta
Innovation Frontiers- Greece
New Island Ltd. Bulgaria

Erasmus+ Training Course for Youth Workers

A large proportion of youth workers need to learn how to use digital technology to carry out their youth work, such as providing educational and cultural opportunities through courses and workshops, creating promotional materials to reach a specific target group, and increasing their visibility through the use of the appropriate digital devices and applications. (Commission of the European Union, 2018).

Coordinator: U Thrive ASBL Belgium


TIR Consulting group j.d.o.o- Croatia
Octop’us- France
Latvian Association for Young Activists- Lativa
Teach Solais Community Development CLG- Ireland
Youth Bridges- Germany
Bal Petegi- Turkey