The “Linguapreneur” project seeks to address the specific linguistic needs of young migrants and asylum seekers by providing them with comprehensive business-related language proficiency training. By doing so, the project aims to empower these individuals to actively participate in the economic activities of their NEW communities, breakdown linguistic barriers, and foster a stronger sense of integration and entrepreneurship.

Coordinator: Dora Dorës, Belgium


  • Enhance Business Language Proficiency: Develop and deliver structured training modules in both English and the language of the host country, focusing on critical business communication skills, including writing, speaking, and industry specific vocabulary (Management, Finance and Hospitality and Tourism).
  • Facilitate Immersive Learning through a Centralised Platform
    Create an interactive online training platform to provide our learners and trainers with easy access to training materials, exercises, and immersive learning experiences, ensuring continuous skill development.
  • Incorporate Gamified Elements for Engaging Learning: Integrate gamification elements, including business language gameboards, within the training platform to enhance
    participant engagement, reinforce learning, and provide a dynamic and stimulating educational environment.
  • Empower Participants for Cross-Cultural Business Environments
    Equip participants with the language skills necessary to confidently navigate diverse business settings, emphasizing negotiation, networking, and presentations in both English and the local language.
  • Promote Peer Learning and Community Integration
    Establish a supportive learning environment that encourages peer collaboration, fostering a sense of community among participants and facilitating their integration into the local business community.

Expected results:

  • Development of 4 comprehensive training modules with specialized business vocabulary. (online, 3 languages)
  • Creation of an interactive online training platform with multimedia resources.
  • Development and integration of business language gameboards.
  • Conducting 3 workshops and simulations focused on negotiation, networking, and presentations.
  • Establishing communication channels for participants to collaborate and exchange ideas.
  • 3 Multiplier events, 20 pax per partner.

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