Empowering Youth Workers: Recap of the "Youth Workers 2.0" Dissemination Event in Zagreb

In an effort to boost the digital skills of youth workers, a remarkable dissemination event was recently held in Zagreb on 10th May 2023. The event served as a platform to showcase the outcomes and achievements of the highly impactful “Youth Workers 2.0” training course. This innovative course, organized under the Erasmus+ program, took place from 19th to 26th November 2022 in Silivri, Istanbul.

The primary objective of the “Youth Workers 2.0” training course was to equip youth workers with the necessary digital skills to thrive in the modern world. The participants engaged in a diverse range of training activities designed to enhance their understanding of digital tools, platforms, and strategies. Through workshops, interactive sessions, and hands-on exercises, the youth workers gained proficiency in areas such as social media management, online collaboration, digital storytelling, and virtual communication.

One of the key highlights of the training course was the opportunity for participants to develop and showcase their own innovative activities. Encouraged to think creatively and harness their newfound digital skills, the youth workers crafted projects that addressed various social issues, community challenges, and personal growth. These projects demonstrated their ability to leverage technology to engage and empower young people effectively.

Following the successful completion of the training course, a dissemination event was organized in Zagreb to share the valuable outcomes with a wider audience. The event attracted educators, youth organizations, youth workers, and stakeholders interested in promoting digital literacy among youth. Through presentations, interactive demonstrations, and discussions, the participants of the dissemination event witnessed firsthand the impactful results of the “Youth Workers 2.0” training course.

The dissemination event also fostered collaboration and networking among attendees. The exchange of ideas, best practices, and success stories created a vibrant environment that encouraged further partnerships and initiatives.

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